Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spidey vs Green Goblin

  ©2012 Copyright Gerald de Dios

Here's quick animated gif of both my Spidey & Green Goblin Sketchcards!

I didn't intend for both these cards to connect. I originally planned on making these as stand alone cards. But somewhere down the line I decided to also make them puzzle cards.

I was in the process of inking the Green Goblin... after I was laying down the base colors I decided last minute to connect the 2 cards by painting in a seamless sky.

Here's a animated gif to see how the 2 cards connect :)

When taking this photo on my desk, I set up Green Goblin off to the background and took several macroshots where each card blurred. Then took it into PS and animated the shots together.

Progress Shots:

You know if there's a Spidey..... not too far, there's a Villain!

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